Establish Goals

At our first meeting, whether face to face, video conference via the internet or telephone we will have a discussion about all things that are important to you and the things you are hoping to achieve in the future. This meeting will be at our

cost and without any obligation. At the end of the meeting we will have a good idea whether we think we should work together and how much it is going to cost if we move forward.

Collect information & Analyse Financial Status

We are passionate about understanding our clients, as we know that understanding you and your needs leads to the right advice, and a great outcome for your financial future. So please forgive us for asking about everything, and making sure everything is correct, and double checking with you. It always makes sense to measure twice and cut once!

Based on our dialogue with you, we then review your information and consider the recommendations we feel will work best for your financial circumstances. We’ll identify the most suitable products, providers, policies and funds to help you achieve your financial goals.


Implement the Plan

We will only begin this process once we have your agreement to proceed. If you’re happy to work with us, we’ll implement our recommendations on your behalf. This can include setting up plans, arranging investments or starting the process of planning your estate for the future.

Monitor & Review

Most financial products are long term plans, ranging from family protection to pension planning and inheritance tax planning. So we make arrangements to keep in contact, as a minimum once annually and more often as required. We can then discuss any life changes you’ve experienced and ensure that your financial plans remain relevant to your needs.

We believe we can help you throughout your financial life, and we will always aim to build a long-term relationship with you, and hopefully we can help your friends, family and dependents along the way.

Develop a Plan

We’ll then meet up with you again and present our findings and recommendations to you. At this stage, we can also include specific products and plans that we believe best meet your requirements. You’ll find we explain everything clearly, including any jargon you may be unfamiliar with.



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